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extramarital / внебрачный
имя прилагательное
extramarital, illegitimate, bastard, natural, adulterate, unlawful
имя прилагательное
(especially of sexual relations) occurring outside marriage.
an extramarital affair
I think Scott has hurt himself in that he was having an extramarital relationship.
While we're on the subject, though, let's finesse a few points about cheating / extramarital crushes.
A questionnaire including marital status, extramarital relations and medical history was used to exclude subjects from the study group.
The second case described a couple who had been dealing with an on-going extramarital affair.
The integrity of the relationship has been destroyed through the extramarital affair.
Several of the union workers who had cheered him said the governor's sexual orientation and extramarital affair were of no concern to them.
Serials in which extramarital relations and marital problems are shown, tend to have a worse effect on the psyche of a child.
He nearly lost his marriage amid reports of extramarital affairs.
The extramarital relationship was cited in the couple's divorce proceedings.
For example, Reiss proposes that the Swedish rate of extramarital coitus is lower than the U.S. rate.