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extradite / выдавать, выдавать преступника
issue, extradite, betray, give, produce, distribute
выдавать преступника
hand over (a person accused or convicted of a crime) to the jurisdiction of the foreign state in which the crime was committed.
Greece refused to extradite him to Italy
It is believed that Norfolk is the first Trading Standards Department to extradite a convicted criminal from abroad.
Greece refused to extradite him to Italy
However, various international instruments impose an obligation on States to extradite suspects accused of certain crimes if requested.
Certainly, it is true that no formal application was made by the United Kingdom to extradite the applicant to that country.
Miss Dobbin submitted that the question for this court is whether, by reason of the passage of time, it would be unjust or oppressive to extradite the appellant.
One of America's toughest cops is lashing out at the judicial system in Ireland after that country refused to extradite an accused pedophile priest.
Brazil refused to extradite him to Britain
While he was here, the government of Spain sought to extradite him to stand trial for conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to torture, and hostage taking.
What would happen if the Thai authorities sought to extradite him?
Under the warrant, police in any member state can request that any other EU country extradite someone suspected of committing a crime.