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extortionate / грабительский, вымогательский
имя прилагательное
predatory, extortionate, rapacious, burglarious, ravenous, penal
имя прилагательное
(of a price) much too high; exorbitant.
extortionate ticket prices
using or given to extortion.
the extortionate power of the unions
Presently we buy gas at extortionate prices; experts allege that the UK market is easily manipulated, with price-rigging by continental companies who control the pipelines.
The signs indicating this extortionate price rise were not prominently placed and when I complained I was told to ‘park elsewhere then’.
The only alternative was for the whole wedding party to stand around in the nasty battered reception, paying extortionate prices for bottles of beer from the check-in guys.
Rather, he is keen to defend football from the usual allegations that ticket prices are extortionate .
Two "business agents" who have been charged with blackmailing and extortionate practices will be ousted from office by the Upholsterers' Union if the present plans of the leaders are carried out.
The York City Baths Club is pulling out of swimming lessons at the Barbican due to another extortionate price hike, this time at the council-run pools.
We would urge everyone living in Lyneham or travelling through on August 13 to boycott the station and make a stand against the extortionate prices we are being charged for petrol.
People should always be careful when they're being asked these extortionate prices.
This means that everyone wanting to purchase a home in Alice Springs is forced to pay an extortionate price.
How do young people have the money to buy these tickets, usually in bulk, and at extortionate prices.