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extort / выпытывать, вымогать деньги, вымучивать
elicit, extort, fish out, worm
вымогать деньги
extort, blackmail, bleed, gouge, trim, dun out of his money
extort, force
obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means.
he was convicted of trying to extort $1 million from a developer
The administration proceeded to extort large sums of money, ostensibly to repay this cost, and the states ended up following suit.
Federal forces routinely extort money from detainees' relatives as a condition for release.
At checkpoints throughout the province, the security forces openly extort bribes.
he attempted to extort money from the company
This would bring an end to his many attempts to extort money from organisations on the flimsiest of pretexts.
There are many registered cases of police using the threat of arrest to extort a lot of money from the husband's family.
The two were eventually netted by the FBI, but the attempt to extort money from her was hard on her and her children.
Their threats extort facilities and subsidies from the regimes that increase their strength and influence.
The police often use torture or the threat of torture to extort money.
All the unions did was form cartels and use the threat of violence to keep competitors at bay and extort some wealth from the capitalists.