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extol / превозносить, нахваливать
exalt, praise, extol, glorify, laud, eulogize
extol, extoll, praise overmuch
praise enthusiastically.
he extolled the virtues of the Russian peoples
All of them share in their belief in God, turn to Him and extol His praises.
The manager tends to extol his players, but last night the praise was reserved.
The extolment of the Sun has been central across cultures, from the ancient father of the gods Helios to symbolic godhead.
Mrs Egan, of North Lane, York, was even moved to pen an elegant exposition extolling her family's enthusiasm for waste.
The key to Zweig's own character reveals itself in a passage in which he extols his father and then describes himself.
Glock, for example, extols the virtues of conducting qualitative interviews in preparation for a survey for precisely this kind of reason.
Cobbett extolled the Radicalism of Nottingham; Byron sang the praises of the Luddites.
Weld's passionate extolments of Charles Stuart's religious character were not so different from the way he expressed his love of Grimke to Grimke.
Managing to maintain a serious voice throughout, she extols the virtues of the flea in a spooky monotone.
He simply extols the virtues of a book he calls ‘the only truly serious and successful Canadian novel I have read so far this year.’