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extirpate / искоренять, истреблять, уничтожать
eradicate, uproot, extirpate, exterminate, reform, unroot
destroy, exterminate, consume, decimate, devour, extirpate
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, extirpate
root out and destroy completely.
the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land
the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land
They don't extirpate every scintilla of self-doubt you've ever had.
It was the brutal efforts of the English government to extirpate Catholicism that created the unbridgeable chasm between the two nations.
Even the fall of the Roman Empire did not empower ruthless rebels or pseudoreligious cults to extirpate law and order in every corner of the realm.
The US regulators are seeking to extirpate the cancer before it spreads any further.
The letter continued with the hope that ‘Federal America will be able to extinguish this unrighteous rebellion, and extirpate the foul thing that so long has sullied her institutions and polluted her soul.’
Even the blithe lovebird will extirpate its rival suitor in the most gruesome manner.
They're proposing a plan to extirpate themselves from the well-deserved guilt that they have for fermenting terror and militancy worldwide.
This would seem to make it all the more urgent that I extirpate the heresy - although, as we shall see, I don't think the argument constitutes such a threat to classical Marxist thought on this issue.
The victor is the player who, when the referee's whistle goes to take the kick, can extirpate all of his surroundings and focus on the fundamental task in hand.