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externalize / воплощать, облекать в конкретную форму, придавать материальную форму
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, objectify
облекать в конкретную форму
exteriorize, externalize
придавать материальную форму
externalize, exteriorize
give external existence or form to.
elements of the internal construction were externalized onto the facade
For some time, a desire had been growing in me to externalize some of the internal work I had been pursuing with such fervor, and the richness of Wiccan ritual seemed the perfect vehicle for that expression.
This integrated model explains how some couples use the defenses of splitting and projective identification to externalize and transpose internal conflicts into interpersonal conflicts in five common marital dances.
an urgent need to externalize the experience
an urgent need to externalize the experience
If there are eventually technologies that externalize internal states, who has a right to access that information?
In the language of psychology, they externalize blame.
Men tend to externalize distress and blame others.
More likely to me is that we externalize our fears into the stories we tell ourselves, and nowhere is that more obvious than in horror movies and books.
Indonesians are trained to cope with stressful interpersonal situations in an entirely different way to Westerners, who, for the most part, are encouraged to externalize their thoughts, opinions, or frustrations.
Furthermore, it did not appear that the gender differences in depression were the result of men being more likely to externalize their anger.