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exterior / экстерьер, внешность, внешняя сторона
имя существительное
exterior, form, point, points
appearance, exterior, look, outside, externality, outward
внешняя сторона
exterior, surface, facade, exteriority
имя прилагательное
external, outer, foreign, outside, outdoor, exterior
outer, external, outdoor, outside, exterior, outward
extraneous, outside, outsider, external, outlier, exterior
имя прилагательное
forming, situated on, or relating to the outside of something.
exterior and interior walls
имя существительное
the outer surface or structure of something.
a jar with floral designs on the exterior
Because so much of the movie is set on one exterior location, the texture of the color is a key character in the film.
Filmed in Alberta and Colorado, every exterior shot portrays the mercilessness of winter in the high mountains.
Both rooms can also be cooled with a fan from outside once exterior temperatures are low enough.
The exterior metal gates at Hennessy Centre, which houses the Mitsukoshi department store, were halfway down before the march started.
The exquisite interior matches what the exterior promises with its carved arches and high cupolas.
To call him a character would be an understatement, but beneath the eccentric exterior lurked a diver with levels of discipline and skill I have rarely seen on my travels.
Attend closely to him; he is vastly experienced, and beneath his frivolous exterior beats a heart as true as it is misplaced.
The detailed appearance of the exterior was designed to maintain the precise circular geometry of the plan.
Hand cut, creamy inside with the crisp exterior of the genuine twice-fried article; these were a dream.
They came in a basket, wrapped in a piece of cloth, still warm, made of the lightest dough, with the crispiest exterior coated in the best cinnamon sugar ever.