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extent / экстент, степень, размер
имя существительное
power, degree, extent, rate, stage, grade
size, rate, scale, extent, dimension, proportions
имя существительное
the area covered by something.
an enclosure ten acres in extent
There could also be differences in the extent of cover if motoring abroad, she said.
Irish bishops clearly have no idea about the extent to which public access to information has changed.
they altered the document to such an extent that it contained little in the way of new policy
the extent of global warming
Webster pretty much covers the extent of my knowledge of this principle.
everyone will have to compromise to some extent
Yesterday council bosses went on site to survey the extent of the damage, which is understood only to be minimal.
In Harare and Bulawayo and to a lesser extent in rural areas, there are many training centers.
Little survives of this very large area, although its extent has been established by excavation.
However as the full details of the agreement are not being made public the extent of the deal may never be known.