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extensive / обширный, экстенсивный, пространный
имя прилагательное
extensive, vast, large, broad, wide, comprehensive
extensive, ample
имя прилагательное
covering or affecting a large area.
an extensive garden
(of agriculture) obtaining a relatively small crop from a large area with a minimum of attention and expense.
extensive farming techniques
One of the strengths of our agriculture is that we're extensive .
Similarly, local hopes voiced in the consultation for extensive green areas are set to be disappointed.
The Action Group then undertook an extensive survey which was completed in five days.
Barker and Adair are thrilled by her snappish, difficult behaviour and her extensive shoe collection.
Windy Hill Park on the estate is also set to be revamped with a new play area and extensive tidying in the coming months.
Our officers carried out an extensive search of the area this morning but he has not been seen again.
It is located within a cluster of houses and has a side entrance and an extensive rear garden.
Homes which will be affected by the extensive work will be contacted directly by Yorkshire Water.
The public toilets will also be given an extensive facelift and the whole site resurfaced with bay markings.
Will the drive for more extensive systems in farming lead to greater problems?