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extemporize / импровизировать, выступать без подготовки
improvise, jam, extemporize, hit off, mock up, ride
выступать без подготовки
compose, perform, or produce something such as music or a speech without preparation; improvise.
he extemporized at the piano
At the premiere Handel gave an organ extemporisation on the fugal subject taken up by the choir.
Dickens, writing serially to the month as he did, clearly left much to his powers of extemporization .
It could be a fine place to eat if the kitchen could curb its fondness for off-the-cuff extemporisation and submit itself to less glamorous, but more thorough culinary discipline.
When he was playing, the sound of his jazz masked the noise in his ear; when he was resting, the noise in his ear provided a convenient backing for mental extemporisation .
These tunes go back to the very heart of extemporisation ; the very root of Jazz itself.