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extant / сохранившийся, существующий, существующий в настоящее время
имя прилагательное
existing, being, present, existent, in existence, extant
существующий в настоящее время
имя прилагательное
(especially of a document) still in existence; surviving.
the original manuscript is no longer extant
With an abundance of remains there are ample extant buildings and artefacts in situ.
In comparative studies using model organisms, extant taxa are often referred to as basal.
Pieter Bruegel the Elder is known far and wide for his thirty-five or so extant paintings.
This group is represented by a single extant species which is thought to be the sister taxon to all other frogs.
Most of the silicified microbes, however, lack the key features that would allow accurate comparisons with extant taxa.
The oldest extant example of a local Egyptian map is the Turin papyrus which dates from around 1300 BC.
No planning permission granted has ever been implemented and none remains extant .
Another ambition was to categorise the meagre extant material held in archives.
As the world's only extant empire of law and justice, we also have the right and responsibility to do it.
the only extant manuscript