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exquisite / изысканный, утонченный, тонкий
имя прилагательное
refined, exquisite, elegant, delicate, distinguished, dainty
refined, sophisticated, subtle, exquisite, delicate, fine
thin, fine, subtle, small, slim, exquisite
имя существительное
dandy, fop, beau, gallant, swaggerer, exquisite
fop, coxcomb, dude, dandy, jackanapes, exquisite
dandy, buck, exquisite, blood, jack-a-dandy
имя прилагательное
extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.
exquisite, jewellike portraits
имя существительное
a man who is affectedly concerned with his clothes and appearance; a dandy.
Using brightly coloured, almost grotesque distortion of an individual's salient features, he targeted the royal family, politicians, society figures, exquisites , and charlatans.
Where was the pain of probing the pressure points, the exquisite agony of muscular crystals breaking up under relentless fingers?
It's a form of exquisite torture watching George and Martha torment each other, and occasionally this becomes tiresome.
Salmon is an exquisite delicacy and is also a complete health food, nutritionists tell us.
She has delighted in rendering in delicate detail and exquisite colour the little-known plants and creatures of the desert.
The last eight years working with her had been, to say the least, the most exquisite type of torture.
The spring rain that she had worshipped before now trickled down the back of her neck like the most exquisite torture.
Not only did she touch my heart with her sincere and charming correspondence, I was impressed with her exquisite taste and her very modest requests.
The agony is not quite as exquisite as it has been in the past.
The feature on fathers and daughters, was exquisite , delightful and beautifully written.
My heart was simultaneously full of exquisite joy and unbearable sadness.