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expurgate / вычеркивать нежелательные места
вычеркивать нежелательные места
remove matter thought to be objectionable or unsuitable from (a book or account).
the expurgated Arabian Nights
The one major error I have detected in Perkins' biography is the confident assertion that she would not have tried to expurgate every unflattering reference.
If anything, the translation has managed to expurgate many of the careless clauses.
Collated, expurgated and presented in hardback form so many years after his death the journals show a childish, drug-addled man who often verged on a limited kind of brilliance through his songs.
I resolved to give him an expurgated account of where I'd been when I got home.
Muir retrieved his letters to Carr and had some sections expurgated from them, which he hoped to reserve from the future's prying eyes.
We don't need sanctimonious expurgators to decide which one is best for us.
Soldiers' missives haven't been routinely expurgated since World War II and the days of ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships.’
It had been on the books since 1897, when expurgated editions of the classics, especially for consumption in classrooms, were common.
The epic has been the object of adaptation, interpolation, reinterpretation and expurgation by a number of retellers, each seeking to reflect what he saw as relevant to his time.
I first considered printing the exchange my friend and I had, but quickly realized that expurgation would rob it of its meaning.