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expunge / вычеркивать
cross out, delete, strike out, cross off, scratch, expunge
erase or remove completely (something unwanted or unpleasant).
I’ve kind of expunged that period from my CV
They demanded that school officials apologize and expunge the incident from her son's records.
the kind of man that could expunge an unsatisfactory incident from his memory
He's not just trying to remove the Treaty from law, but expunge it from public consciousness altogether.
But the answer to the present imperfections is in part to abolish faith schools in their entirety and expunge religion from schools, except as a topic of study.
That would help to ensure that only people who truly deserved the expungement of their convictions achieved that.
Also, any ‘questionable language’ in the songs has been expunged .
Nevertheless, there is, I'm sure, a certain catharsis involved in expunging one's darkest secrets in those sealed little booths.
These individuals see the Intifada as expunging the occupation and arriving finally at independence.
Funk suggests two reforms to replace expungement : First, nonviolent juvenile offenders should pay restitution to their victims instead of going to juvenile detention centers.
Those in the book can be easily erased while the ones in the heart cannot be expunged , he said.