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expropriate / экспроприировать, отчуждать, лишать
alienate, estrange, expropriate, alien
deprive, lose, bereave, rob, strip, expropriate
(especially of the state) take away (property) from its owner.
government plans to expropriate farmland
In regard to agriculture, it reserved to itself the authority to expropriate any farm that did not produce foodstuffs to its satisfaction.
The letters mark the first time since land reforms began in 1996 that the government has taken steps to expropriate farmers.
Once the board was established, its enormous powers to expropriate property and enter the real-estate market provided a new momentum to urban segregation.
The republic did expropriate ecclesiastical properties, but Mazzini was sincere in his assurances that property would be respected and unlawful acts punished.
They can expropriate property through taxes or the right of immanent domain (breaking the Seventh Commandment).
But the leaders will not expropriate anyone or close any of the mass media.
They cannot just expropriate property by saying it is compensation for a debt owing for customs unless there is some rational relationship between them.
The union last month said it planned to forcefully occupy the farm outside to protest the government's failure to implement a decision to expropriate land owners.
The president was concerned to withstand pressure to expropriate white farmers, but struggled to maintain national unity as he was faced with public discontent.
The City will then reconsider the resolution to expropriate the property,’ he says.