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expressive / выразительный, экспрессивный, выражающий
имя прилагательное
expressive, emphatic, impressive, telling, meaningful, significant
expressing, expressive
имя прилагательное
effectively conveying thought or feeling.
Bertie gave an expressive grunt, which conveyed his opinion that there was no accounting for tastes.
Sometimes the effects are so expressive you can't believe chance did this.
As passionate and expressive as she is in her acting roles, as an interviewee she can be extremely difficult.
His expressive , playful and emotion-loaded voice is appropriately soft but never soppy.
According to Conrad, there are limits to the expressive capacities of narrative film.
Her pleasing voice met the demands of the wide vocal range with assurance and expressive colour.
Emptiness is as full as fullness, and the whiteness of the paper is as expressive as the marks made upon it.
The Chamber Choir brought the first half to a climax with an expressive performance of Cantique de Jean Racine.
The prints range in subject from expressive individual figures to more complex detailed narrative scenes.
Each of the twelve songs on this album are composed of beautifully expressive and intimate lyrics.
Caroline is more than just a pretty face and expressive voice on the stage.