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expound / излагать, разъяснять, толковать
set out, pose, set forth, state, expound, put
explain, expound, elucidate, illuminate, irradiate
interpret, read, explain, expound, translate, flap about
present and explain (a theory or idea) systematically and in detail.
he was expounding a powerful argument
We note when historical figures expound the meaning of Scripture in ways that are consistent with the biblical text, and times when they do not.
Nichols and Duffy expound at length about these influences from the Enlightenment.
The commentator must know the whole of Aristotle in order that, having first proved that Aristotle is consistent with himself, he may expound Aristotle's works by means of Aristotle's works.
Harry loved to talk and could expound eloquently on just about any topic.
At the papal curia he was asked to expound the doctrine of the Latin church at a meeting with representatives of the Greek church.
First, it is suggested that successive attempts to expound a Marxian theory of nature have see-sawed between naturalistic and social constructionist positions.
Authors customarily used the commentary format not only to expound the works of Aristotle, but also as a vehicle for original philosophical theorizing.
The word ‘master’ meant a theologian who could expound the Scriptures.
he declined to expound on his decision
They also need to expound at length, to present their evidence and make their best argument.