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expostulate / протестовать, противоборствовать, увещевать
protest, object, rebel, remonstrate, outcry, expostulate
exhort, admonish, remonstrate, coax, expostulate
express strong disapproval or disagreement.
I expostulated with him in vain
It's easy for historians to expostulate about societal trends and reactions or to theorize about the lasting impact of this or that event on the evolution of some socio-economic group.
An official could expostulate with the emperor over his decisions and policies, but never rebel.
Before he has any chance to expostulate , he is mortally wounded by the tenor and dies.
Oh, and before people e-mail me about this, let me say: Of course I expostulate on the blog about subjects on which I'm not an expert.
Her works do not expostulate on art issues or complain about a difficult early life.
Sir Sefton Brancker, an aviator responsible for the expansion of the Royal Flying Corps at the outbreak of war, expostulated in 1916.
I'm glad to see plenty of letters expostulating about the preposterous piece in the newspaper.
I groggily expostulated into the mouthpiece, while using my free hand to rub the bruise I could feel forming on my face.
This, under the circumstances, has been justly characterized by one of the witnesses as an expression of remonstrance or expostulation .
In the Preface to St Leon, Godwin expostulates upon his turn from a politics based on public discussion to one based on private affections.