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expository / описательный, разъяснительный, объяснительный
имя прилагательное
descriptive, expository, descriptional, expositive, circumlocutory, circumscribing
explanatory, interpretative, explicative, expository, elucidatory, explicatory
имя прилагательное
intended to explain or describe something.
formal expository prose
The inversion of this is certainly true: the best expository writing is controversial, argumentative or polemical, as well as explanatory.
Windy expository passages drag down the narrative while plot points dead-end and several characters go virtually undeveloped.
In college, I enjoyed composition and expository writing and achieved my highest grades in those classes.
The series followed a conventional expository format with reconstructions illustrating an investigation into why certain species had expired.
The story described an expository account of a college student's series of encounters with spiders.
In these, the last years of his life, he wrote often, sometimes a teasing postcard, sometimes an expository letter six pages long.
The passages are roughly similar in length to the expository passages described earlier.
In each issue users will find an article covering some base of creative or expository writing.
The inessential stuff between scenes, the transitions and build-ups and detailed expository explanations, are mainly not there - or only as much as they need to be.
Instead of poetic diction, we have expository prose.