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explore / исследовать, изучать, обследовать
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, probe
study, explore, investigate, read, scrutinize, inspect
examine, survey, explore, inspect
travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.
the best way to explore Iceland's northwest
After three minutes, he removed the sponge to explore the wound further.
We landed on top of what was left of the wreck and, after the usual checks, headed off to explore this unfamiliar site.
The audience is invited to take part in a one-hour post-show workshop and discussion, to explore issues raised in the play.
As the story unfolds, she then responds to the children's comments and allows the toddlers to explore the book by touching.
This is why I want fleet managers, car hire firms, taxi companies and individual motorists to explore the liquefied petroleum gas option.
The baby proceeded to explore Nicholas, poking his face and tugging on his hair, giggling the entire time.
Members approved the application and asked officers to explore the three options, giving priority to the development of the garage site.
Many businesses have yet to fully explore the possibilities of their web sites and the Internet.
you continue to explore new ways to generate income
the best way to explore Iceland's northwest