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exploration / исследование, эксплорация, дальняя разведка
имя существительное
study, research, investigation, survey, examination, exploration
дальняя разведка
имя существительное
the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.
voyages of exploration
an exploration of the religious dimensions of our lives
At the same, this is a film of emotional depth, humour and intelligent exploration of its subject.
The only remedy for this, of course, is passionate exploration and in-depth study!
Future research may include a more thorough exploration of these observations.
I sent out my 5 pods, each containing a satellite and a probe for surface exploration .
That had been the subject of factual exploration and is well covered by findings of fact.
The beauty, the mystery, the danger, and the drama will always be a part of space exploration .
The political impetus to push deep space exploration forward has essentially dissipated.
It is the writers of science fiction who have ventured to show us what the possibilities of space exploration might be like.
The mission to Titan has kicked off one of the most exciting years for space exploration in more than a quarter of a century.