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exploitative / эксплуататорский, эксплуатационный
имя прилагательное
operational, operating, exploitative, working
They need to be there to protect workers from exploitative situations and to represent their interests.
They are the same as those most vulnerable to exploitative child labour in general - children from the poorest families who have had little education.
By crashing popular culture with trashy, exploitative entertainment we will gain visibility, have fun, and scare people, which is always a good thing.
Whilst I wouldn't call the documentary dishonest, I would call it exploitative .
On what grounds might we justify interfering with consensual and mutually advantageous exploitative transactions?
Contracts such as the one signed by the band may have been exploitative and unfair, but, unfortunately, they were all too common at the time.
Smaller individuals will hence be at a competitive advantage with respect to exploitative competition.
This created a bad image of the private sector in the minds of the people and most of the population viewed capitalism as some corrupt exploitative philosophy.
The yogi forsakes stealing, lying, cheating, killing, and other exploitative and self-gratifying behaviours.
Using corrupt means and intensely exploitative labour practices, they build up their own capital.