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explode / взорваться, взрываться, взрывать
explode, burst up, go up
explode, blow up, burst, detonate, implode, fulminate
explode, blow, blow up, blast, burst, detonate
burst or shatter violently and noisily as a result of rapid combustion, decomposition, excessive internal pressure, or other process, typically scattering fragments widely.
a large bomb exploded in a park
show (a belief or theory) to be false or unfounded.
the myths that link smoking with glamour need to be exploded
tension which could explode into violence at any time
He's been accused but never charged in a plot to explode a dirty bomb inside the country.
Despite strong protests from scientists on the Manhattan Project, he decided to explode the atom bombs on populated areas.
What happens, these films ask, when the accumulated rage and resentment inevitably explode ?
Julia looked so red that she might explode with embarrassment.
Weed populations explode the year after a drought due to turf thinning.
This creates heat and in some circumstances you can literally see the hairs popping out of the hair follicle as they explode from the energy they have absorbed.
Nell looked as if she would explode with happiness.
Laine was wondering if she would actually explode with anxiety when they strolled past two old woman, who gave them a strange look.
If rates were to explode upward, mortgage payments for these folks could double or triple.