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explicable / объяснимый
имя прилагательное
explainable, explicable, vindicable, accountable, soluble, capable of explanation
имя прилагательное
able to be accounted for or understood.
the English class system is not entirely explicable in terms of money
No doubt about it, the evolution of biochemical systems, even complex multipart ones, is explicable in terms of evolution.
Seen in this context, the sudden eruption of the Global Justice Movement in 1999, becomes explicable .
Given how ubiquitous violence is today, he argues, our immunity to it on screen is explicable but terrifying.
In between each number a man kept shouting ‘stop the drug war’ for no explicable reason.
The world is completely explicable in its own terms.
Terrorism is never excusable, but it is often explicable .
And when one understands how these closeted types think, their whole attitude is all the more explicable .
It was much easier to see how paintings had been made: they became both more wonderful and more explicable .
Human behaviour is explicable using the same geometric grids that have been produced by mathematicians.
Even some of the cases that are explicable in ideological terms reveal subtle shadings just beneath the surface.