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explain / объяснять, разъяснять, растолковать
explain, account for, account, interpret, justify, elucidate
explain, expound, elucidate, illuminate, irradiate
explain, interpret
make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas.
they explained that their lives centered on the religious rituals
Callie found it necessary to explain her blackened eye
I can't explain it
I had to go and explain myself to the board
I was writing a note to Pip's Mum to explain about our disappearance and put it on her desk.
Cole grinned and went on to explain about the different types of magic users that there were.
My wife will then have to explain the situation to another helpful city employee.
can you explain the answer?
Another reason to explain the popularity of the leather look is its affordability.
he makes athletes explain why they made a mistake
they know stories about me that I can't explain away