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expiry / истечение, истечение срока, окончание
имя существительное
expiration, expiry, outflow, issue, efflux, escape
истечение срока
expiry, termination
end, ending, completion, termination, finish, expiry
имя существительное
the end of the period for which something is valid.
the expiry of the patent
After the expiry of the lease period, the landowner will be at his discretion to convert the land into a shopping complex or a multiplex.
He was also supposed to have performed many more miracles after his expiry .
Where an information has been laid within the six-month period it can be amended after the expiry of that period.
Most conscientious online retailers now ask for the three-digit security code on the back of the card in addition to the card number and expiry date.
‘Yes, I'd like to increase my credit limit,’ I say, once the formalities of the credit card number and expiry date are out of the way.
the expiry of the patent
I can't see what's wrong with an ‘automatic expiry date’ - laws are tough to remove from the statute books, laws which curtail freedoms should be watched.
In the case of a house valued at £135,000, on expiry of the lease the landlord can demand approximately £10,800 plus costs.
Please send me your credit card number, expiry date, your name (as it is written on the card), your address, and the three-digit security number on the signature strip.
Accordingly the lease will continue until its contractual expiry date.