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expire / истекать, терять силу, умирать
expire, lapse, run out, emanate, outflow, fall in
терять силу
expire, lapse, sink, be out of court
die, perish, be dying, go, expire, pass
(of a document, authorization, or agreement) cease to be valid, typically after a fixed period of time.
the old contract had expired
exhale (air) from the lung.
The vocal cords vibrate when air is expired through the glottis, creating sound waves in the column of air within the pharynx, nose, and mouth.
The credit period extended by this Agreement shall expire in any event fifty-one weeks from the date of this Agreement.
You will of course be aware that unless the council decides otherwise, your Agreement will expire automatically on 31 March 2004 and no funding will be payable after then in any event.
Ex-patriots must make extra trips to the police station permit section if the documents often expire at different times.
According to school legend they were taken to the sanatorium, where they would expire after a week or so without ever being able to utter another word.
On the plus side, the fact that I'm here means I didn't expire in a blazing fireball.
If two doctors agree that the condition has reached the point of no return then it should be agreed to let the person expire with dignity.
If someone starves, a hero will give up their own food and die before letting that person expire .
The nearly 10,000 flight attendants have been working without a new contract since their old agreement expired at the end of 1996.
The agreement expires in September 2004 but already the International Monetary Fund has signalled that a new agreement will be discussed on September 23.
The statement said he did not intend to leave office before his term expires in another five years.