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expiration / истечение, окончание, выдох
имя существительное
expiration, expiry, outflow, issue, efflux, escape
end, ending, completion, termination, finish, expiration
exhalation, expiration
имя существительное
the ending of the fixed period for which a contract is valid.
the expiration of the lease
exhalation of breath.
Ranging from full inspiration to full expiration , lung densities more than double.
With the contract expiration looming large, both sides are meeting sixteen hours a day.
the expiration of three years
Thus, the reappointment contract provides nontenured faculty with no expectation of continued service after the annual contract's expiration .
All this comes at a bad time for Big Pharma, which is facing the imminent expiration of patents on many of its blockbusters and fewer-than-expected new drugs in the pipeline.
One day, each and every one of their contracts will be near expiration , and when that happens, they will need to negotiate.
the expiration of the lease
All staff effected by expiration of contract would be personally spoken to by the general or senior manager and only then confirmed in writing.
The expiration of various derivatives contracts also helped gains, traders said.
All of the chains are keeping their doors open with the aid of strikebreakers hired in advance of the contract expiration .
The six month sentence will commence on the legal expiration of his 21 year sentence.