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expertise / экспертиза, компетентность, компетенция
имя существительное
expertise, examination, inspection
competence, expertise, adequacy
competence, competency, expertise, terms of reference, scope, capacity
имя существительное
expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.
technical expertise
It is wise to examine all the options and then make a commitment to one area of expertise and master it.
He stressed the need for local knowledge and expertise in dealing with flooding not to be lost under the new system.
The hospital trust shares its medical expertise in the field of blood diseases with the facility in India.
Large chunks of money and technical expertise went into the production of these films.
Though she wanted to say something, she felt it more to be in her co-worker's field of expertise .
They are asking for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work that reflects their expertise and skill.
I do rely on him because his technical expertise is superb and his ability to predict the future has been uncanny.
He is considered a strong asset as a result of his expertise in the justice field.
Using their own expertise and knowledge, the pair hope to do much of the conversion work themselves.
That, at least to some extent, may well be no more than a reflection of my lack of expertise in this field.