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experiment / эксперимент, опыт, испытание
имя существительное
experiment, trial-trip
experience, experiment, practice, test, attempt, trial
test, trial, experience, assay, probation, experiment
experiment, experimentalize, experimentalise
производить опыты
experiment, test, experimentalize, experimentalise
fool, piddle, experiment, toy
имя существительное
a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.
laboratory experiments on guinea pigs
perform a scientific procedure, especially in a laboratory, to determine something.
she experimented on chickens as well as mice
As an experiment in laziness, I decided not to shave on Saturday and Sunday.
This page is an experiment in interactivity which, as a journalist, I've found extremely exciting.
Other exiles find out about the news in various ways, an experiment in style.
This fiction is a slight departure from my usual writing style and is an experiment in itself.
This intimate ritual is both an act of worship and an experiment in agronomy.
As an experiment in open source democracy it failed miserably.
There is a growing support for its experiment in peace by peace-loving citizens from all over the world.
These are still very early days for such a grand experiment in self-government.
I really feel that I'm on your wavelength when you talk about the film being an experiment in spontaneity.
laboratory experiment