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experiential / эмпирический, основанный на опыте
имя прилагательное
empirical, experiential, empiric
основанный на опыте
experiential, empirical, empiric, experimental, customary, a posteriori
имя прилагательное
involving or based on experience and observation.
the experiential learning associated with employment
Instead working parties were set up in which decisions were based on experiential evidence.
Rapid team building through experiential learning has advanced greatly during the past decade.
Apprenticeships and experiential learning are often used to communicate it.
In this sense, experiential learning offers a form of backward-looking wisdom.
The combination of critical thinking and experiential learning can be valuable for students.
It has no effect on experiential well-being except to end it.
There is a very real need to relate the concepts of capstone courses and experiential learning.
I do not mean that experiential interests are characteristically frivolous or critical interests inevitably profound.
All learning requires an experiential component, after all.
The distinction between experiential education and service learning is unclear.