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expensive / дорогой, дорогостоящий
имя прилагательное
expensive, dear, costly, darling, precious, pricey
expensive, dear, sumptuous, high-priced
имя прилагательное
costing a lot of money.
keeping a horse is expensive
it's expensive to go there
The bargains will prove to be very expensive if you have to pay interest on the money you spent.
A new kitchen can be one of the most expensive home improvements most people will make.
There seems to be a failure to understand just how expensive it is to run a teaching hospital.
He said the charges were too expensive and would keep visitors away from the palace.
It's a defeat that could prove to be extremely expensive come the end of the season.
Suing a supplier based overseas can be difficult, expensive and take a lot of time.
There was a swimming pool in the grounds, but apparently it was too expensive to fill.
Irrigation is too expensive to be worthwhile for most crops, so we could do with a bit of rain.
We want to revise and update the council tax with more bands for the more expensive houses.