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expense / расходы, расход, издержки
имя существительное
costs, expenses, cost, spending, expense, charges
consumption, expenditure, rate, expense, outgo, span
costs, cost, outgoings, expenses, expense, outlay
имя существительное
the cost required for something; the money spent on something.
we had ordered suits at great expense
offset (an item of expenditure) as an expense against taxable income.
Anecdotal evidence suggests a growing number of Old Economy companies are moving away from stock options to restricted stock, which must be expensed on the income statement.
book into the best hotel you can find and hang the expense
The extra expense of higher fuel costs can be offset, at least temporarily, by winning the bet on rising prices.
And speaking of expense , the cost of using email is skyrocketing.
tolls are a daily expense
Any normal expense incurred in the day-to-day operations of the company falls under this category.
So any incurred expense will go directly into materials rather than additional tools.
Well, you never just incur expense; you always incur expense for something.
I am concerned about the fact that all this expense has been incurred.
The repeat exercise will incur further expense for the taxpayers.
It also incurs the added expense of rigid triage at entry into the system to determine if demand is indeed urgent.