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expenditure / расход, трата, потребление
имя существительное
consumption, expenditure, rate, expense, outgo, span
spending, expenditure, expense
consumption, intake, consuming, input, expenditure
имя существительное
the action of spending funds.
the expenditure of taxpayers' money
Each party must break down its expenditure under a number of headings for each tranche of funding it receives from the state.
The purpose or effect of this bill would be to require a new or increased expenditure of local funds within the meaning of Amendment 621.
Aggregate demand has so far been sustained, in the main, by consumer spending and targeted government expenditure .
cuts in public expenditure
It will also exclude funds which have been allocated for expenditure within the year.
Is the Union Government prepared to present details of income and expenditure of the additional funds generated?
cuts in public expenditure
This in turn results in inefficient administration and inefficient expenditure of available funds.
Last year, semiconductor companies spent $28 billion on capital expenditure .
the expenditure of taxpayers' money