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expend / расходовать, тратить, издерживать
spend, expend, consume, disburse, put out
spend, expend, outlay, disburse, melt, put out
spend or use up (a resource such as money, time, or energy).
we do not need to expend energy working on our marriage
we do not need to expend energy working on our marriage
He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe.
All the creative energy is expended in hyping and sales, with none left over for the product.
What has been established is that lies were told and that much energy was expended on ensuring that the truth never got out.
Their findings suggest that self-regulation involves exertion, which expends energy, depleting the available supply and impairing subsequent task performance.
While lipin in fat tissue influences the capacity of cells to store fat, lipin in muscle affects the rate at which the body expends energy and burns fat.
Why should they be expending precious resources and energy on saving these creatures?
This person is unassuming and fun; she expends great energy in giving detailed answers and sets no time limits or out-of-bounds topics.
Massachusetts enjoyed a qualified success with its militia by expending money and energy on the effort.
Under this sequence, the capitalist expends a sum of money M in buying materials and machinery and in paying wages.