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expeditious / быстрый, скорый
имя прилагательное
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, expeditious
early, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, expeditious
имя прилагательное
done with speed and efficiency.
an expeditious investigation
Railway commuters in the State will also benefit from the possible and expeditious improvements in passenger amenities.
The reason for that inertia is simple: we prefer violence because it is the most expeditious , efficient, effective and easiest solution to most problems, if not all.
What he did is designed to eliminate those delays, to bring this process to a speedy and expeditious conclusion.
It has a mandate to deal with investigations in an expeditious manner, and should not have to tolerate inappropriate delays and what amounts to reprehensible conduct.
The system enables controllers to implement accurate, safe and expeditious approach plans to increase safety and airport efficiency.
This was a national tragedy that was met by a courageous administration with conviction and action that was both expeditious and effective.
Our judicial system is not renowned for its speedy and expeditious methods and court cases are often bogged down for years.
Safeguards regarding national security issues should be considered, but the goal should be the fullest and most expeditious disclosure.
Certainly, the case for an expeditious coalition withdrawal gets stronger with every day, and every death.
What is your candidate going to do to try and mend fences between those fault lines, or conversely, is it more expeditious , politically, to exploit those fault lines?