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expeditionary / экспедиционный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or forming an expedition, especially a military expedition.
an expeditionary force
Its stated purpose is to improve current and future expeditionary warfare capabilities.
As the Air Force has become more expeditionary , the focus on fitness has increased.
Timely supply routes and methods can be activated and tested in advance of the deployment of expeditionary forces.
Soldiers and civilians in this vast theater have a firm appreciation for what it takes to have an expeditionary mind-set.
The Army should certainly be an effective participant in expeditionary operations.
In 1900 he served on the staff of the expeditionary force sent there to crush the Boxer rebellion, thus attracting the notice of the kaiser.
The whole population feared a new war, but an engineer led a mutiny in the fleet and the expeditionary force was called home.
Arguably, this war was the first use of effects-based operations by an expeditionary force.
We must remember that the Army will always fight in a joint and expeditionary context.
An enemy will try to exploit this advantage to deny access to our air and space expeditionary task forces.