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expedite / ускорять, содействовать, быстро выполнять
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, precipitate
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, expedite
быстро выполнять
expedite, dispatch, despatch
имя прилагательное
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, expedite
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, expedite
make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
Time is of the essence and a board meeting was held yesterday in an attempt to expedite the process.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
To expedite the process, you must know what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend.
Foreign aid can also have a role, but mainly only to expedite this growth once it starts.
Make sure you have his social-security number so that you can expedite the filing process.
To expedite this process, we have compiled a list of authoritative Web site resources on these subjects.
In turn, this should improve the success rate for new styles and expedite the product development process.
Welcoming the judgment, it said it would liaise with all the relevant institutions to expedite the process.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
From extracting gold powder from riverbeds by using mercury to the open-pit mining, man has come long way in refining and expediting the process of extraction.