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expectorate / откашливать, отхаркивать, плевать
expectorate, hawk
expectorate, hawk, cough up, cough out
spit, expectorate, gob
cough or spit out phlegm from the throat or lungs.
The actor is the only one of that illustrious quartet who openly uses a spittoon, clears his throat and expectorates into the receptacle below his desk.
Subjects were defined as expectorators (if they could spontaneously expectorate sputum at the end of intravenous antibiotic therapy) or as nonexpectorators.
Protein in the diaphragm and intercostal muscles has been depleted, impairing the patient's ability to deep breathe, expectorate , and clear microbes from the lungs.
When I came to spit it out, he offered me the cup, so I was was forced to expectorate into a three-inch deep slurry of chewing tobacco.
A major advantage of sputum induction, however, is that patients who are normally unable to expectorate can almost always produce sputum after inhaling hypertonic saline.
At 2-minute intervals, subjects were asked to clear saliva from their mouth and then expectorate sputum.
After each inhalation period subjects are encouraged to cough and expectorate sputum.
However, sampling may be difficult in the younger patients and in patients with mild disease who do not expectorate .
In our study, almost half of the subjects completing both visits did not expectorate regularly, and thus we had almost twice the number of subjects for analysis.
As anyone whose had a general anaesthetic will know, you have to cough and expectorate hard pretty much as soon as you come round to clear the anaesthetic out of your lungs.
Besides, who could like an instrument where all you do is expectorate into metal tubes!