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expatriate / экспатриант, эмигрант, изгнанник
имя существительное
expatriate, expat
emigrant, emigre, expat, refugee, expatriate
exile, outcast, outlaw, expatriate, castoff, expellee
emigrate, expatriate, expat
drive out, expel, banish, eject, evict, expatriate
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a person) living outside their native country.
expatriate writers and artists
имя существительное
a person who lives outside their native country.
American expatriates in London
settle oneself abroad.
candidates should be willing to expatriate
Women are very happy to work extremely hard on a project when an outsider such as an expatriate advisor or consultant, takes responsibility but will not take the initiative to begin a process.
This became a major issue as the population of expatriate children fluctuated; little English was spoken outside of group activities.
An American expatriate now living in Barcelona, Spain, she and her husband teach English and French.
Malaria-related health insurance costs for expatriate workers and their families provide a powerful disincentive for manufacturing activities.
It was a golden opportunity for him to see the living conditions of expatriate labourers who live in the camps, braving the scorching heat and adverse conditions.
The only people who turned up for work were expatriate teachers in management and those on temporary contracts.
The journal started its existence in 1930 by soliciting the opinions of expatriate writers about Proust's art and its possible influence.
However, even after Independence in 1947, British expatriate firms did not suddenly divest from India.
This court normally comprises expatriate judges, currently including representatives from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
Most avant-garde works, if they sell at all, go to expatriate business-people and diplomats - and now to Western art dealers and museum curators on buying trips.