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expatiate / распространяться, разглагольствовать
spread, propagate, circulate, cover, travel, expatiate
hold forth, spout, expatiate, harangue, orate, spiel
speak or write at length or in detail.
she expatiated on working-class novelists
I now expect to be booked on cable TV to expatiate on my brilliant findings without interruption.
The commentator adopts this persona to expatiate on a variety of topics.
The editor-in-chief was even inspired to expatiate at length on how it just goes to show how predictably liberal the competition is these days.
He goes on to expatiate on Queen Victoria's instructions to the governor-general and suggests that they are somehow relevant to the present debate.
The tramway passed alongside vineyards, an itinerary inciting Simon to expatiate on harvesting grapes.
I took my seat on the floor in front of the table where he was expatiating on the tendency of contemporary poems to be self-conscious about being poems.
Tom is a professional hockey player and ballet lover, pursuits on whose alleged similarities he vacuously expatiates .
He then blocked his e-mail to me, and I haven't had the chance to experience his brusque wit or elegant expatiations since then.
This was almost achieved when the two actors expatiated on the subjects of life, love and potato chips.
Two other leaders expatiated on the importance of these customary rites and the fact that the deceased was the last of his kind - the great warrior-killer.