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expat / эмигрант, экспатриант, изгнанник
имя существительное
emigrant, emigre, expat, refugee, expatriate
expatriate, expat
exile, outcast, outlaw, expatriate, castoff, expat
изгонять из отечества
expatriate, expat
expatriate, expat
отказываться от гражданства
expatriate, expat
So, Americans, where shall we go to form our own expat colony?
Since I am an expat European here in New Zealand, the issue of dual nationality has been bugging me for over a decade.
Johannesburg, where many expats settle, is in the process of transforming its centre with new apartment and office blocks.
The local baker makes brown bread specially for the expats .
They were great expats - warm and friendly they assimilated into our society quickly and strongly.
We don't have a financial services authority or ombudsman in many of the countries where expats are.
New York's East Village is filled with both Japanese expats and a ton of sushi restaurants.
The ad was for an expat magazine, and it focused on helping expats fit into Singapore culture.
When I read an item about a corporate baseball league made up mostly of expats in Shanghai, the old urge reared its head.
What advice does Jim, who has made being an expatriate his way of life, have for other expats ?