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expansion / расширение, экспансия, рост
имя существительное
expansion, extension, enlargement, widening, development, dilation
expansion, expanse
growth, increase, rise, growing, height, expansion
имя существительное
the action of becoming larger or more extensive.
the rapid expansion of suburban Washington
The numbers could indicate that economic expansion is finally leading to major jobs growth.
During the recent boom, the recruitment industry experienced rapid expansion .
They observed that the strategy for Albanian expansion in Macedonia was identical to the one seen in Kosovo.
It was also a period of expansion , as the nation increased its territory in the west and north.
It would not allow them continue their expansion into Palestinian territories.
the rapid expansion of suburban Washington
We had no intention of conducting an aggressive policy of expansion .
All these problems are exacerbated by the expansion of the European Union to the East.
It is also set to embark on a major European expansion programme.
Between 1890 and 1920 new developments enabled the further expansion of the wheat industry.