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expand / расширять, расширяться, развивать
expand, extend, widen, broaden, dilate, enlarge
expand, widen, broaden, dilate, enlarge, branch
develop, evolve, cultivate, expand, elaborate, exercise
develop, evolve, progress, expand, advance, move
spread, propagate, circulate, cover, travel, expand
become or make larger or more extensive.
their business expanded into other hotels and properties
Whatever you like, whatever your interests are, broadband internet will help them flourish and expand .
baby birds cannot expand and contract their lungs
The suitcase was a solid framed, expandable , black padded zip case on wheels which measured two-and-a-half feet by two feet by one foot at normal size.
It provides valuable information on the volume change upon unfolding activation volumes, and thermal expansibility .
If the lung is fully expansible and fills the pleural cavity while inflated by the anesthetist, talc is insufflated.
The army had two corps headquarters and seven divisions of infantry and cavalry, once again, all established upon an expansible basis.
Its simple and logical framework is based on the principle of decimal fractions as class marks, which are expandable to make further subdivisions.
The decrease in thermal expansibility of the transition state relative to the unfolded state leads to a similar conclusion-namely, that the significant structural constraints also existed in the rate-limiting step for the folding.
Researchers said patients who had breast reconstruction using tissue expanders experienced shorter procedures.
It was shortlisted for an award and is now being expanded into a full-length feature.