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existing / существующий, имеющийся
имя прилагательное
existing, being, present, existent, in existence, extant
available, existing, in existence
имя прилагательное
in existence or operation at the time under consideration; current.
opponents of the existing political system
have objective reality or being.
remains of these baths still exist on the south side of the Pantheon
live, especially under adverse conditions.
how am I going to exist without you?
This regulation has been designed essentially to safeguard existing rail services and customers.
The push for growth or reform comes when existing approaches no longer meet all the practical needs of those affected.
Second, I welcome confirmation of the serious inadequacies of the existing electoral system.
Military and nuclear preparations add to the existing political hostility.
All three expressed their delight at the news and had fought hard to retain the existing system.
The law that was just passed, however, goes an important step beyond the previously existing rules.
I've found the best method of marketing is to work your existing customers.
One can't simply install the operating system on an existing machine, pop in a couple of peripherals and go.
New hires must meet these provisions immediately, while existing staff have several years to comply.
The Health Committee heard very strong evidence that police do use the existing law.