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existent / существующий, происходящий, наличный
имя прилагательное
existing, being, present, existent, in existence, extant
occurring, toward, descendant, existent, descendent, going-on
spot, available, existent, extant, in evidence
имя прилагательное
having reality or existence.
the technique has been existent for some years
Maybe this wealth is not falling entirely into the hands of the proletariat, but more of it is than with any other historically existent system.
The problem of child labour still remains even though all of these policies are existent .
But, then, what becomes of the claim that existence and being existent are two kinds of being?
‘They wanted a systematic book that compared with the already existent Greek and Hebrew versions,’ says Shaw.
Incorporation of any such existent data would surely bias our analysis.
These theories raise the empirical and existent pluralism to the rank of a fundamental pluralistic program.
What is essentially existent or good is the cause of what has existence or goodness by participation.
The conditions of this potentiality are acknowledged to be existent in the present, and to be potential greatly enhanced in the future under different conditions.
A conservative practice would be to prorate the interest charges for the entire year, as if the debt had been existent for the entire year.
Though they were existent in the seventies and eighties, an estimated 5000 cults in the United States hunger for our youth, worship, and money.