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existence / существование, наличие, бытие
имя существительное
existence, subsistence, being, life, essence
availability, presence, existence
being, existence, entity
имя существительное
the fact or state of living or having objective reality.
the plane was the oldest Boeing remaining in existence
Do I then believe that human existence depends on social and economic changes?
Parts of both have survived into the 21st century, but their continued existence is precarious.
the plane was the oldest Boeing remaining in existence
The commercial director has been charged with the job of getting the club's finances back in order with the serious situation threatening its very existence .
the organization has been in existence for fifteen years
Your brother, Matthew, does not know of your existence at this time.
the need to acknowledge the existence of a problem
She stares at me like I'm the stupidest human being in existence .
This album is entirely a product of living and coping with a city existence .
Whatever their limitations - and there are many - the passions are a prerequisite of everyday human existence .