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exigency / острая необходимость, крайность
имя существительное
острая необходимость
exigency, exigence
extreme, extremity, excess, extremeness, extravagance, exigency
имя существительное
an urgent need or demand.
women worked long hours when the exigencies of the family economy demanded it
These standards call for meaningful participation by a faculty body in deciding whether a financial exigency exists or is imminent.
In truth, the exemption of fishing craft is essentially an act of grace, and not a matter of right, and it is extended or denied as the exigency is believed to demand.
But, resettlement is probably a much-needed exigency in cases like the creation of inviolate areas to preserve habitats and wildlife, which in turn act as flagship species for the conservation of the eco-system.
Virtually all of the Administration's actions may well be held to be entirely constitutional, depending on the exigency of the circumstances.
Emergency powers are supposed to apply only while the exigency persists.
Any proceedings against the press should be ‘confined, under the pressure of extreme necessity, to the occasional exigency of some particular case’.
But the question of the foundation of value has simply been displaced: now it is my job that, in my active engagement, takes on the unquestioned exigency of a demand or value.
The innovative readings in this essay arise from the theoretical exigency I mentioned as requisite these days.
he put financial exigency before personal sentiment
The investigating committee concluded that the administration had acted without demonstrating financial exigency that mandated the termination of continuing appointments.