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exhort / увещевать, убеждать, заклинать
exhort, admonish, remonstrate, coax, expostulate
urge, assure, convince, persuade, exhort, argue
conjure, adjure, implore, exorcise, conjure up, exhort
strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something.
the media have been exhorting people to turn out for the demonstration
He simply exhorts parents, in the tradition of the uplifting revivalist, to do the things that will focus their kids on school and prepare them for better lives.
He's in constant mobile communication with an unseen editor who, like a devil on his shoulder, exhorts Dave to distort and exaggerate the story.
As in EACW, its emphasis is exhortative and encouraging, not technical.
Apart from condemning the U.S. and its allies as well as warning against their plans of further aggression, the documentary exhorts the people to boycott the U.S. products.
Here, the voice is not imperative, and it does not try to address the viewer directly; rather, it is exhortative , and it implicitly addresses, in plain Italian, the Italian team.
My problem with today's liturgical bureaucracy is that it advances measurable technical goals at the same time it diminishes the more essential immeasurable exhortative ones at the heart of EACW.
During the 18th century, John Wesley became a a fervent exhorter of work.
The big man repeatedly exhorts his fans to be leaders not followers, but like good followers, they obey his every word.
Another passage was the one where Miss Brodie exhorts her girls to be sure to recognise their prime and to live it to the full.
Walker's exhortatory approach to community development presents cooperative economics as a strategy arising from core community values, but one in need of the kind of policing DuBois describes.